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We briefly touched on Windows 10 vs Windows 11 performance in our Core iK review, however this time we’re going more in-depth on the testing to draw more solid conclusions.

Moreover, including VBS results is important, as this is how some systems come configured and it’s thought that since Intel did all their benchmarking with VBS enabled.

Perhaps it doesn’t impact the newer architecture to quite the same degree it did older generations. VBS is an enterprise-class feature designed to secure corporate PCs by creating an isolated and secure region of memory from the normal operating system.

Windows can use this ‘virtual secure mode’ to host a number of security solutions, providing them with greatly increased protection from vulnerabilities in the OS, and preventing the use of malicious exploits which attempt to defeat protections. We don’t feel VBS is a security feature that PC gamers need to enable, but how secure you want your system is up to you, plus your system may be doing more than just playing games.

That being the case, it makes the most sense to test Windows 11 with VBS disabled as that will be the situation for the majority of our audience, but of course, we’re also interested to see how Alder Lake performs with the feature turned on. We also feel that if you’re building a new PC from the ground up, or even just upgrading your motherboard and CPU, a fresh install of Windows 11 is the ideal route, which is why we spent two weeks updating all our CPU data on the newer platform.

We know there’s a ton of discussion around how well Windows 11 works, which is the usual thing to expect when a new Microsoft OS is released, but we’ve not had any bad experiences after several installs on numerous test systems. As for the upgrade process from Windows 10 to 11, it’s an improvement over previous generations but not yet perfect and it can hurt performance , so we recommend a fresh install whenever possible.

We’ve also included the Ryzen 7 X Windows 11 results for reference only. Application Benchmarks Starting with the Cinebench R23 multi-core results, we see that the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 is non-existent with both operating systems able to maximize the performance of Intel’s latest Core i7 processor. Outside of that, Windows 10 and 11 were much the same. Not a massive difference, but the newer operating system did deliver the best results.

It was also faster with VBS enabled, so overall a strong result for Microsoft’s latest operating system. Minor margins in this one, but the performance trends are similar to the other application benchmarks. The last application benchmark we’re going to look at is Blender Open Data and here we find that Windows 10 and 11 produce the exact same result, a completion time of seconds.

This is interesting to note, power usage between Windows 10 and 11 was identical, which makes sense given performance was also identical. However, despite slightly reducing performance, VBS doesn’t reduce power consumption, at least in this example. Time to check out gaming results, and as usual the game data is mixed, but we’ll start with F1 It’s also interesting to note that with VBS enabled, Windows 10 and Windows 11 delivered virtually the same level of performance.

The Borderlands 3 results are on the boring side as both Windows versions are much the same. The Watch Dogs: Legion data is shocking, so much so that I went back and re-tested just to be sure. Here we see that Windows 10 and 11 are a match as just seen in Borderlands 3. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Windows 11 and 10 are virtually the same.

But enabling VBS does hurt gaming performance. Shadow of the Tomb Raider performed slightly better on Windows 10, though we’re only talking about a 2. Horizon Zero Dawn outputs some peculiar results. Either way, this was an unusually weak showing for Windows Finally we have Cyberpunk where both Windows 10 and 11 performed similarly. So while extreme and somewhat unexpected, it’s not an outlier as we did see another example of this is another CPU demanding title.

In terms of average frame rates across our 10 game sample, we find that Windows 10 and Windows 11 are much of a muchness with no more than a frame or two separating the two as long as VBS is not enabled. Both types of drives can technically be used for Windows To Go, but only fixed ones will work with the creation tool built into Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. The ancient Patriot drive was included out of curiosity and its performance was as poor as you’d expect.

Sometimes the initial setup process for Windows 10 would BSOD or fail some other way, and when the process did complete, the performance was slow to say the least, taking upwards of 30 seconds to open a menu for instance — if it would open at all. This configuration might only be useful for a recovery environment if you had no other option, though a lightweight Linux distro might make more sense on such a slow drive. We purchased this drive at the recommendation of a reader. However, as mentioned before, this level of performance is available for considerably less money on «non-certified» USB drives, which can still be used for Windows To Go via third party tools.

Microsoft’s official utility has other limitations as well and we imagine most of you will wind up using third-party tools. Here are some additional non-certified drives that we recommend based on their price and advertised speed the first two are removable and not fixed, the third should be fixed :. These models are around the same cost per gig prices change a lot but again, the Corsair drive appears to Windows as fixed and not removable, which is ideal for a Windows To Go drive.

If we had to guess, you are more likely to encounter bit-capable machines than bit-exclusive machines at this point. There may be more bit systems in existence overall, but most of them are also outdated. We don’t suggest using Windows 7 or Windows 8 To Go unless you’re sure they’ll boot on the systems you’ll be using. Third-party Windows To Go creation tools also tended to fail more frequently when using Windows 7 and 8 images, which are less supported in general. Windows 10 bit should have the best driver compatibility on the machines that you are most likely to use, especially if they are on the newer side.

Booting the same configuration from USB 2. And while the creation tool is available on Pro, it still requires an Enterprise image file to create the Windows To Go drive — among other limitations.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get an Enterprise image. Microsoft offers a direct download of Windows 10 Enterprise ISO for evaluation after you fill out a form, and you can download an Enterprise install.

You’ll also have to extract the install. You can convert. Even if you have an Enterprise image however, the native Windows To Go utility won’t work with most USB drives , including two out of three of the ones we used for testing. As we’ve been saying, the built-in tool only works with select USB drives that appear to Windows as «fixed» and not «removable. Historically, the main difference here is that Windows can’t mount multiple partitions at once on removable drives only the first primary partition is mounted , yet Windows installation drives tend to have at least two partitions: one with boot info, another with the operating system.

However, as of the Windows 10 Creators Update, the operating system can mount multiple partitions on removable USB drives, and in testing we were also able to create a bootable Windows To Go drive with only one partition. Regardless, although the 32GB Samsung drive is recognized by the built-in Windows To Go tool, the software explains that the device is removable and thus not compatible. While the Corsair Voyager isn’t certified for WTG either, this drive is fixed instead of removable and does work with native utility, though the software recognizes that the device technically isn’t certified.

You can determine if a drive is fixed or removable from Disk Management search Start or Run for diskmgmt. Look at the squares toward the bottom left where the drive descriptions say «Basic» or «Removable. If you have a fixed USB drive and an install. With some effort and risk, there are several methods you can try to make your removable drive appear as fixed, though there’s not much reason to mess with this setting when third-party Windows To Go tools will work with non-fixed drives.

We aren’t recommending these approaches but acknowledge there are various methods around the web that can either flip the removable media bit on your flash drive or install a filter driver on Windows so the OS determines the drive as fixed. Proceed at your own risk, namely a bricked USB drive or blue screening Windows , the latter of which we experienced when testing filter drivers and had to restore from a recovery image.

Third-party Windows To Go creation tools Rufus is probably the most popular tool that can create a Windows To Go drive for Windows 8 and 10, though it may not be so obvious at first glance. Here’s a quick guide on the Windows To Go creation process from Rufus 3.

This worked for both the removable and fixed USB drives that we used for testing:. Windows 8, 8. However, Rufus 3. Because of this Windows will most likely freeze during boot, as Microsoft hasn’t designed it to work with drives that instead have the removable attribute.

Do you still want to proceed? However those tools are almost never provided to the public. While Rufus is the most commonly available third-party tool we can recommend for creating an «unofficial» Windows To Go drive, the software lacks some features that others provide, such as the ability to export your currently running operating system onto a portable USB drive, though this is generally locked behind a paid license.

Before there were so many third-party tools to build a Windows To Go drive, the commonly recommended approach was to:. Preparing the USB drive for Windows To Go from Disk Management or DiskPart is simple: Delete the previous volume s , create a new volume, format that volume, give the partition a letter and then make that partition active. At this point, the USB drive should be ready for you to install the operating system files from one of the aforementioned archive files.

Your Windows ISO will have one or the other — you only need one of them and you can convert. GImageX can apply the install. After copying the system files, you’ll also have to create the boot data via Command Prompt using the OS files that you just copied to the portable drive.

Enter the following line from an admin Command Prompt, where G: is your USB drive this should only have one partition if you followed our steps, but if there is a separate partition for boot files then use that drive letter in place of the second G:. If those methods aren’t hands-on enough, Microsoft provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Windows To Go drive entirely from PowerShell commands, while this guide includes a customizable PowerShell script to automate some of the process along with extra features such as the ability to inject drivers and patches.



Windows 10 pro vs enterprise reddit free


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