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Windows 10 home laptop black screen free –


A black screen at windows 10 home laptop black screen free is читать news. It’s tough to diagnose a problem without any information on the screen. If you’ve got a black screen on boot, various things can cause the problem on Windows 10 and Windows We’re going to detail ways to try to resolve a black screen on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, from simple hardware checks to reinstalling your display driver.

It’s important to check that your computer and Windows are actually booting. Вот ссылка command actually restarts your graphics driver—which might itself fix the black screen—but also emits a beep. If you hear a beep, then Windows is responsive. However, if you don’t hear anything, it could suggest that your computer isn’t booting.

If that’s the case, see our guides on repairing a PC that won’t boot and how to fix a black screen of death. If you have windows 10 home laptop black screen free black screen from boot, a key step is to check the display connection.

It might sound simple, but it’s where many black screen problems arise. Remove all your monitor cables and plug them back in to ensure they are all firmly connected. Then make sure your monitor is actually turned on.

If you can, use another monitor connection. Alternatively, use a new cable. This will help you determine whether the issue lies нажмите для деталей the monitor port or the cable. If possible, connect your monitor to a different computer. If it has a black screen there too, it’s a sign the monitor is faulty, so you should contact the manufacturer.

You can also try windows 10 home laptop black screen free another monitor on your computer. Turn your computer off and disconnect all of your external devices. This includes your mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, and so on. Restart your computer and see if you still get the black screen.

If you don’t, plug each device in one подробнее на этой странице a time until you find what’s causing the problem. With the problematic device identified, try updating its drivers. See our guide windows 10 home laptop black screen free how to find and replace drivers if you need a hand with that.

No luck? Browse through the device manufacturer’s support site and contact them for further help. It may be that your system’s projection settings are set incorrectly. For example, your display might be set to project on a second screen that doesn’t exist, thus causing your monitor to show a black screen.

While the first is the default, yours might not be set to it. Press P to highlight the next option and Enter to select. Repeat this four times to get back to the original setting, though hopefully one of the settings along the way will bring your display back.

To reinstall display drivers, you’ll need to boot into safe mode. The смотрите подробнее windows 10 home laptop black screen free need depends on various factors, so follow the appropriate steps below and then continue reading to discover how to reinstall your display drivers.

Download Windows 10 or Windows 11 from Microsoft and then use this to create installation media. If you need help on that, see our guide on making a bootable ISO. You then need to set the boot order in the BIOS to read your installation media first.

Again, if you need a hand, see our guide on how to change the boot order. If available, click Roll Back Driverselect a reason, and click Yes. This will take you back to the previously installed driver. If this doesn’t work or isn’t an option, select Uninstall to remove the driver completely.

Your computer may be overheating, which can result in a black screen. It’s very important that you keep your PC cool because it extends the lifespan of your components. Turn your computer off, unplug everything, and open it up. As a first step, grab a microfiber cloth and air blower and use this to clean out all dust and dirt inside your computer, especially from the fans.

It’s best windows 10 home laptop black screen free do this outside if you can, since it will kick up a lot of dust. Try not to let it settle back inside the computer. For more tips, see our guide on how смотрите подробнее keep your PC windows 10 home laptop black screen free. Look over all your components for signs of damage. Remove each component and reseat it, ensuring it’s firmly secured. Have you recently upgraded something inside по этому адресу computer, like the graphics card or RAM?

If so, this is a prime culprit for causing a black screen. If you’ve verified the component is installed correctly, contact the manufacturer as the part may be faulty. Alternatively, your power supply unit PSU may not supply enough power to support the new parts, which causes the computer to black screen and shut down. Use an online power supply calculator to ensure that your PSU is suitable.

Hopefully, working through these steps has solved your black screen problems. While it can be scary, it doesn’t mean that your data has vanished, so keep calm. If you don’t have a black screen, but instead one that’s constantly flashing, you should still try some of these steps as it’s often caused by the same issue.


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