How do I reset another user’s password on Windows 10? – Super User – Method 1: Change Windows 10 Password from Control Panel

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Change other User Password from Admin account – Microsoft Community – Change a different user’s password in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Vista

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Windows 10 home change password of another account free

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box using the Windows + R keyboard shortcut. Step 2: Once opened, type the following command and confirm with OK. Save all your work. · In Start, select Settings > Accounts > Your info. · Select Sign in with a local account instead. · Type the user name, password, and. Learn how to reset your local account password for Windows or sign back in using security questions.


– Windows 10 home change password of another account free


Can an administrator change a user password? The answer is yes. It will offer multiple ways to change any user account password in Windows Get these methods from the MiniTool website. In a multi-user environment, it is not surprising that other users want to change the password with admin account. They may have forgotten the password, or the account has been locked or for any other reasons.

If you try to change other user password from admin account, just keep reading. In a Windows 10 PC, there are many ways to change a user’s password as an administrator. If you are using a Microsoft account on Windows 10, but you forget the PIN, you can try to log in with your Microsoft account password.

You will need to reset the password online if you don’t remember it. Here are the steps. Step 1: Type control in the search bar, and click Control Panel to run it.

Step 3: Under the Choose the user you would like to change section, find the user which you want to change the password and select it. Step 4: The user profile option of that user will be opened. Click Change the password. Type compmgmt. Step 3: Right-click the user that you want to change the password and then choose the Set Password… option. Step 4: A warning window will pop up saying the current password will be reset, you may lose information, etc.

Click the Proceed button to confirm. Type netplwiz and then click OK to continue. The User Accounts window will be opened with a list of all users on your computer. Step 2: Choose the user that you want to change the password and then click the Reset Password… button. Step 1: Type cmd in the search bar, right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator. Alternatively, you can also run Windows PowerShell with admin privileges.

Step 2: Type net user and press Enter. A list of all user account on the computer will display. Remember the right name of the username. In conclusion, this post has shown you 4 useful methods to help change other user password from admin account in Windows If you want to do this job, try the methods mentioned above.

Read More. Tip: When the password is changed in this way, you will lose all EFS-encrypted files, personal certificates, and stored password for websites and network resources. Tip: If your user account is already linked to a Microsoft account, you are not allowed to change the password or set a new password.

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